In this glorious age of technology, one should know better than to cause a scene at a place where bystanders can just whip out their phones and start recording away.

Somebody needs to remind this lady because now she is the unintentional star of her very own “drama”.
This video, uploaded on YouTube yesterday, showed her threatening an elderly man for bumping into her car.

The “drama” was apparently caught by a motorist in Kuantan where the incident occurred and was uploaded only minutes later, so of course, the video went viral.
In the video, a white-haired Chinese man is seen trying to explain to the lady in a headscarf that he did not hit her (apparently very new) Peugeot’s bumper on purpose. He even offered to pay for the damage.
Instead of calming down like any sane person would do, she proceeded to bash his Proton with what appears to be a steering lock, hurling racist remarks and profanities. She demanded to be paid RM2,000 right then and there.

Hey, maybe she’s method acting for a part in “Anger Management 2” with Sandler?

Digi, being not only the most faithful provider around (I will follow you~), has proven itself to be the most generous too. The Telco service provider posted on its Facebook, “Things might have gotten out of hand but we saw a really patient uncle who showed us the value of empathy.
“Uncle, if you’re reading this, please let us know in the comments below. We’d love to pay for the repair of your car. To the one who was upset, we know it was a tough situation but if you could find it in your heart to forgive, we’ll fix yours too”.

The yellowman, apparently, is Mr.capable-of -everything-man too

Mere Netizens who are unable to gallantly offer help in the financial form, has instead offered to (we presume) help bring cheers back to the old man’s life by doing what any self-respecting Internet-dwellers would do – they make memes.
Here are 5 memes that round up the whole drama perfectly. Uncle, if you’re reading this, enjoy!