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Earlier today, Dato Sharifah Aini Binti Syed Jaafar, Malaysia’s professional and legendary singer passed away at the age of 61 after suffering from lung fibrosis at Damansara Specialist Hospital at 1.26am.

According to The Star, the veteran singer had been diagnosed with lung fibrosis two years ago. She was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of the specialist hospital by her son, Omar Ali when she suffered breathing difficulties.

Datuk Dr Zainuddin Md Zain, Sharifah Aini’s consultant respiratory physician said that the condition of her disease is rare and causes hardening or scarring of the lungs.

Sharifah Aini was a notorious singer and she was known as ‘Biduanita Negara’, a title for the country’s highest award for female artistes due to her contributions to the music industry, people and country. She was the only female artiste to gain the title after the departed Puan Sri Saloma.

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“Biduanita Negara”, Dato’ Sharifah Aini passed away early today due to lung infection.

Her career in the entertainment industry started in 1968 when she entered a singing competition called ‘Bintang RTS’ in Singapore and won the competition with her song “Tiga Malam”.

A year after her victory, she was scouted by the EMI recording studio and debuted her album “Seri Dewi Malam” which was widely received by her fans in Malaysia and Singapore.

Sharifah Aini debut album, “Seri Dewi Malam”

In Malaysia, Sharifah Aini was the only artiste to stay in her recording company, EMI for a long time. Thus, as a token of appreciation, her name was listed in the Malaysian Book of Records to repay for her contributions and services to the country.

Sharifah Aini was known internationally as she gained her popularity in Asian countries including Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia. She also had concerts held in Europe countries and attained several titles such as Malaysia’s Elizabeth Taylor, Malaysia’s Dolly Parton,  Sparkles Diamond Of EMI Malaysia, Malaysia’s Queen of Music and more.

Sharifah Aini won several notable awards which brought her to international level. Her achievements include Best Entertainer Award (1972-1977), Popular Female Entertainer Award (1970-1976, 1979), Best Actress Award for her 1977 film, “Hapuslah Airmatamu”, Queen of Melody Award (2000), ‘Biduanita’ of All Time Award, Golden Era Award (2002) and others.

Sharifah Aini’s body will be brought to At-Taqwa Mosque after the Subuh Prayers and she will be buried in Muslim burial ground at Bukit Kiara before the Zuhur prayers.