Taiwanese singer and World Vision Malaysia’s 30-Hour Famine Goodwill Ambassador, Vanness Wu, has sent his condolences for the tragedy that befallen Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 recently and encouraged everybody to express their support for the country.
As reported on Oriental Daily, the singer, who attended the closing ceremony of the 30-Hour Famine event, expressed, “I know you [Malaysians] have been experiencing a lot of incidents. But you can make a better Malaysia.”
“Malaysia needs more courage, love, and encouragement,” said the singer.
Meanwhile, Vanness, who experienced his own 30 hours fasting for the movement, said that although it looks difficult, he is already used to doing it in his daily life.
“I occasionally fast, so being hungry for some time is not a problem. But this time it is meaningful, because it’s not just for one’s own health, but for a larger purpose,” he said.
He also expressed his hopes to set it up as a foundation to cultivate an interest on his future children. “Many children are forced to learn how to dance and sing. This is a normal thing that Asian parents do. So I hope to cultivate my children to do what they really like. The children are our hope for a better future.”
The 30-Hour Famine is a global movement against hunger and poverty where participants fast for 30 hours, while learning about global issues and raising funds in an effort to fight hunger.