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Many may not know, but apparently, the fee to get a driving licence has now increased twofold and the implementation of the new driving curriculum will begin on 1 August 2014!

According News Straits Times, the issue came about when a driving school in Sabah started charging RM2,000 for a manual driving license on Monday, 14 July 2014 in lieu with the new curriculum. Following that, another driving school in Kota Kinabalu stated RM2,600 for an automatic transmission driver’s licence.

This issue had prompted Road Transport Department (RTD) director-general, Datuk Seri Ismail Ahmad to discuss the matter with the national-level driving school association to compromise on the costing of licences.

“We hope driving institutes will not take advantage of this and be considerate when fixing their fees. I will have to investigate this and discuss it with the driving school association to deliberate on costing and other issues.”

He further added, “I hope we will not have to interfere with the pricing. Worse comes to worst, we may have to conduct a workshop and decide the best solution for all parties.”

In response to the statement, Malaysian Driving Institute Association president, Mat Aris Bakar said that the proposed fees for the new curriculum from driving schools nationwide will be presented during the meeting with the RTD.

“The proposed fee will range from RM1,200 to RM1,600 for a manual driving licence. An automatic driving licence is expected to cost more, considering the new sedan cars schools need to purchase for learning purposes.”

He also said, “Fees will vary depending on the location of driving schools. Urban schools charge more compared with rural schools due to higher operating costs.”

Mat Aris explained that the reason behind the high cost is because of the new learning curriculum which required longer teaching hours and a new teaching method.

Furthermore, he mentioned unlike the old system where some sections were conducted in groups, the new curriculum will be more in-depth with a one-on-one teaching approach.

“This will lead to the ratio of instructor to learners being reduced from 1:20 to 1:13. Teaching materials will be upgraded and these costs are transferred to the learners,” he said.

Below are the new fees for driving licence.

ohmedia lesen harga kelas D
D Class Licence for manual car.
ohmedia lesen harga kelas b2
B2 Class Licence for motorcycle.
Well, with prices like these we may just be better off walking or riding a bike!