In the final weeks of Ramadan that’s almost approaching the much-awaited Hari Raya Aidilfitri, we quickly caught up with some of our local celebs in their fine Raya wear in hopes that their dressing style on what’s hot this year may give us some insight to look our very best in our Raya threads!

Check out the celebs and their Raya #OOTD for your own Raya inspiration.
Photos taken at Astro Raya Kosong Kosong on 9 July 2014 at Hotel Royale Chulan, Kuala Lumpur.

IMG 0996
Happy family photo of Mawi and his wife, Ekin with their camera-shy daughter.

IMG 1007
Malaysian comedian, Joey Daud.

IMG 1115
Award-winning Malaysian actress, Maya Karin.

IMG 1122
Eira Syazira and her husband, Azad Jazmin happy pose.

IMG 1179
Feeya Iskandar from Sinar FM.

IMG 1216
The adorable-looking Elfira Loy from Disney “Waktu Rehat.” 

IMG 1234
Malaysian comedian and television host, Nabil Raja Lawak.

IMG 1245
Female comedian, Enot from the 2000 comedy series, “Mat Despatch.”

IMG 1305
Champion for Season 1 Malaysian Master Chef, Doktor Fazley.

IMG 1399
Diva host, Azwan Ali.

IMG 1440
Fly Fm radio deejay, Hunny Madu.

IMG 1483
Aaron Aziz, does he really need an introduction?

IMG 1545
Malaysian actress, Erin Malek.

IMG 1589
Sazzy Salak and her husband, Nazri Idrus along with their twin daughters, Iman Lilly and Tiara Rose.

IMG 1613
Malaysian actor and producer, Gambit Saifullah.

IMG 1654
Well-known male model-turned-actor, Farid Kamil.

IMG 1700
Zizan Razak from Raja Lawak, also a renowned Malaysian comedian and television host.

IMG 1733
Along Cham and Zila from Akedemi Fantasia 4, together with their adorable son.