The photos of the new model of Perodua car that is said to be the replacement of Perodua Viva has been circulating around the internet for quite some time. Now we have clearer shots and more photos of what this Viva successor look like.

The next Perodua car was rumoured to be named ‘Perodua Axia’, though this has not been confirmed yet. Many feel that the new model look awfully similar to Perodua MyVi due to the similar rear bumper design, however the car is said to be remodelled after Toyota city car, Daihatsu Ayla. Also, the car will feature an aluminium engine.

Below are the leaked photos of the new car.

The front and rear of the new Perodua car.

The leaked photos of the car that was released on web.
The design of the new Perodua car was based on Daihatsu Ayla. 

Comparisonaxia viva
Comparison between new Perodua car and Viva
The interior comparison between the two cars. (Up) New model, (Down) Viva.
The replacement model of Perodua Viva is due for the third quarter of 2014.