Jalan Pudu Jalan Hang Tuah Sinkhole 09

Due to the collapsed of an underground tunnel in Kuala Lumpur, two large sinkholes appeared at the intersection between Jalan Pudu and Jalan Hang Tuah. The incident sparked the imaginations of Malaysian netizens and caused them to create a series of meme of the sinkholes with various  fictional characters such as, Thor, Loki, Optimus Prime, Godzilla and others were spread on the internet.

Check out the hilariously creative photos down below..

Oh no! Looks like Megatron is searching for Optimus Prime.

Jalan Pudu Jalan Hang Tuah Sinkhole 071
Hey, it’s Link from “Monster Vs Alien”. He looks happy.

Jalan Pudu Sinkhole Meme Bomoh
Oh no, not the Bomoh!! We don’t need your help here.

Hulk Jalan Imbi Sinkhole
The Hulk is creating a ruckus here. Someone stop him!

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A giant chicken and a hippo? What!?

10462943 747502515314788 304856468957876860 n
So, Optimus is here. Maybe he’s running away from Megatron.
10514637 747502521981454 1410604103412705440 n
Optimus, pretending to be a statue won’t stop Megatron from finding you.

10487334 747424298655943 2872549416700278706 n
Arggghh!! It’s Godzilla! RUN!!

10511264 747502268648146 3002929595032233739 n
King Kong is here to join the party!

10514758 747502408648132 4845466658904957483 n
Ultraman Max  is battling a monster. No wonder it’s such a mess!

10409329 747502558648117 6857669702599205641 n
Ultraman Mebius is here too. More mess!

10401535 747502275314812 3102344261858930356 n
Apparently, Thor and Loki got themselves into trouble!

10301061 747502541981452 948100873331075187 n
I suppose this Shiba Inu got lost.

1610776 747502238648149 4470230569023467501 n
Oh no! It’s Colossal Titan from “Attack On Titan”! This is getting serious.

Jalan Pudu Sinkhole Meme Sparta
Obviously someone is lost!