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19 years-old, Australian tennis player, Nick Kyrgios created a sensation on Tuesday afternoon when he won against world number one tennis player, Rafael Nadal in the 2014 Wimbledon Men’s Singles.

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Nick Kyrgios won by three sets to one, winning 7-6, 5-7, 7-6 6-3 

According to Daily Mail, the 144th-ranked, Nick Kyrgios who is of Malaysian-Greek descent becomes the first player outside the top 100 to beat a world number one player in a Grand Slam since 1992.

Also, he is the first teenager to defeat a world number one seed in a Grand Slam event since 2005, when Nadal, who was 19 years-old back then, beat Roger Federer at the French Open.

Kyrgios said that the reason that he was so determined to win the game was because he heard his mother, Norlaila who is a half-Malaysian told the Australian media that Nadal was ‘too good’ for her son, “I saw an interview with her saying he was too good, so that made me a bit angry and that helped.”

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Nick Kyrgios parents, George Kyrgios, a Greek and Norlaila Kyrgios, a half-Malaysian. 

Kyrgios’ mother, Norlaila, who was born in Kuala Lumpur was overjoyed that her son won the match. She told the MailOnline, “I’m happy he proved me wrong, my goodness. He told me he’s just going to text me a smiley face. What a cheeky bugger he is, he’s a cheeky fellow.”
Based on Mirror, Kyrgios’ mother reckons he is shot up the rankings because he has started to realise the need to run. According to his mother, Kyrgios used to be ‘tubby’ back in his younger days which is why he developed his ability to play hard, accurate shots.
“He wasn’t eating the wrong things, he was just eating too much, I mean Malaysian and Greek food – who could refuse! So he was hitting so hard and accurate to the corners of the court because he couldn’t run after it!” said Norlaila.
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Nick Kyrgios when he was ‘tubby’.
Daily Mail also reported that Kyrgios describes himself as a proud Greek-Malaysian Australian. He said support from the rowdy Australian ‘Fanatics’ had ‘definitely helped’.”It was an unbelievable match out there. The first time I’ve been two sets to love down, come back and won. It’s an amazing feeling,” he said.