When Marvel Comics first broke the news of Thor turning into a lady, mixed reactions were given by loyal fanboys (and girls). Some received it positively and others not so positively. 

The reactions turn stronger when it was unveiled that Captain America is now black. Sam Wilson, or better known as Falcon to many, is the newest Captain America!
Though this changes will only occur in the comic book and not the movie (possibly!), change is always something hard to accept. More so when it involves a beloved cartoon or comic character. Alas, fans will just have to swallow whatever big or shocking changes the creators have decided on, as the trend is definitely not going away soon.
Captain America is now African American.
It has been done for years and it will be done again in the future.
Here we’ve listed five shocking changes that have happened in the comic / cartoon universe, ranging from way back until now:
1. Doaremon acquired by Disney

Let’s start with something a little closer to home. Oops, maybe not so close anymore, apparently Doraemon is migrating from Asia to America.
Okay, not really, but Disney had bought the rights for the iconic Japanese cartoon, which means the popular Japanese series featuring a robotic cat and its friends is now shown on American television. 
We got to admit, its interesting to see the “Straight-zero” Nobita suddenly conversing in fluent English with his intelligent robo-cat on Disney Channel.
Nobita, breaking Asian stereotypes since 1969
(oh, except for that whole stereotypical nerdy Asian look).
2. R.I.P. Archie Andrews

Boys who are lacking in game should ask Archie how he does it. The freckley redhead has two chicks after him and in the series Life With Archie, he gets them both! Albeit in different timelines.
However the two timelines collide in issue 36, in which Archie also gets fatally gunned down by a rogue gunman.
Well, there’s a shocker.
Or maybe not so to fans who have already heard back in April that Archie Andrews will die in Life With Archie #36.
For those who haven’t, well then…time to shed some tears.
3. Spiderman turns dark

No, not dark in the evil sense. Dark, as in his skin color.
Miles Morales is a half-Black, half-Hispanic teen who took place as the new Spiderman in the Ultimate universe back in 2011. His initial appearance upset some people (who are not racists, no). 
thats racist
“I’m not racist. But…” The easiest way to identify a racist.
While Miles continued being featured in the comic book series, he was however shunned from the animated TV series. 
Sara Pichelli, the Italian artist who was integral in designing the new Spider-Man’s look said, “Maybe sooner or later a black or gay — or both — hero will be considered something absolutely normal.”
Hey, speaking of gay…
4. Green Lantern pitches for the other team


When DC Comic had to start their comic from square one again, they revamped Green Lantern’s character in Earth Two.
They had to make everyone considerably younger, up to the point that Green Lantern’s gay son had to be given the boot. Now that there was no more gay character, they decided that the next best thing would be to just turn one of the remaining characters gay.
But which one?…
Then again, according to writer James Robinson, “”He doesn’t come out in issue two; he is already a gay man.”
“With Alan, the brief was very clear,” said artist Nicoal Scott, “He needed to be a big, strapping, handsome man that everyone would instinctively follow and love. Alan strikes me as an incredibly open, honest and warm man, a natural leader and absolutely the right choice to be Guardian of the Earth. His sexuality is incidental.”
5. Ben Affleck is Batman

This last one isn’t in the cartoon or comic universe but it is happening to a movie that is adapted from comic books. So, still counts!
When words of Affleck donning the Batman cape first got out, 71 percent of tweets sent in the first hour of the announcement was made up of negative reactions. Affleck took it all in good stride by joking he’ll just “be Luddites for a while.”
Hey, looks like the new Batman is also a fun-loving party crasher! 
Well, okay, he asked to join nicely. Affleck was with wife, Garner, and son, Samuel, when they stumbled into a Superman-themed party. The kids were understandably excited to see the “Batman vs. Superman” star in the flesh and of course the birthday boy’s parent didn’t say no when he asked to join in the fun.
Who would say no to a superhero?