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As many have already known, American ventriloquist and stand-up comedian, Jeff Dunham was banned from using his puppet, Achmed The Dead Terrorist in his performance in Malaysia back in May of this year.

To those who don’t know, here’s a recap: The Ministry of Culture and Arts of Malaysia specifically requested Dunham to remove one of his popular puppets, Achmed The Dead Terrorist from his show in Malaysia because it offended Muslims.

Achmed The Dead Terrorist is the skeletal corpse of a suicide bomber, whom Dunham often uses in his shows to ridicule the contemporary issues of terrorism which he highly relates to Muslims.

According to The Rakyat Post, Dunham recently told the Arizona Daily that he might want to include what happened here in Malaysia in his new comedy lineup for his world tour.

On the ban of his popular puppet in Malaysia, Dunham said, “How am I going to get on stage and explain to these people that because of their government I can’t bring on stage the very reason that they know who I am and the reason that they’re there.”

Because the Ministry of Culture and Arts would not allow Dunham to include Achmed in his performance, Dunham was forced to dress Achmed in a beret and called him Achmed’s French brother.

“Malaysia had two things to worry about: Find an airplane and the puppet guy.” Dunham added, on what he touted to be an unnessary ban on his puppet comparing it to the missing MH370 plane crisis which he thought the plane was a bigger issue at hand to focus on.

Dunham, however, did oblige to the Malaysian ministry’s demands, “While I respect the wishes of our host country, I’m also an American and a firm believer in the freedom of speech,” Dunham said to WebProNews, as reported in Latin Post.