Fatherhood sure brings out the best in men.

Harith Iskander is no exception to this. The comedian recently admits that he is looking to drop more pounds and is doing it for his children’s sake. He says his current weight tires him easily when playing with his children. 

He says to mStar Online that before getting married, he has never bothered to take care of his health. But now that he has his own kids, he realizes he needs to do something and is now losing weight just for them.

“I wish to stay healthy for as long as I could so that I may see my children grow up.”

Harith and wife welcoming their firstborn a couple of years back.

Harith married wife, Jezamine Lim, in 2010. They are blessed with two beautiful children named Zander Xayne Iskander and Alessandrea Jayne Iskander, 2 years old and 9 months old respectively.

The actor has so far managed to lose 24 kilograms in less than a year. Talk about dedication!

He contributes his success to the strong support and encouragement he receives from his family. He has gone down from 122 kilograms to 98 kilograms but he’s not stopping there. Another 18 kilograms to shed before Harith reaches his ideal weight.

Now quick, what do Harith and Gru (of the Despicable Me films) have in common?

If you answered both are bald, then you clearly haven’t been reading the first part of this article.

That’s right, both are loving fathers.

Now here’s another way how Harith connects to the animated father, he is lending his voice to the Malay version of Despicable Me 2, voicing none other than the loving adoptive father cum failed villain, Gru. 

Here’s to hoping Harith’s kids won’t be quite a handful as these sisters (plus the minions). Then again, with a famous comedian as their father, Zander Xayne and Alessandrea Jayne just might be just as cute and cheeky!

The Malay-dubbed version of the movie is set to be released on HBO this 28 July.