Do you want to build a snowman?
Too bad, we don’t have snow in this tropical part of the world. Never mind, let’s do the next best thing, let’s watch the “Frozen” princesses get into some adventure in Storybrooke.

But…uhm, minus the snowman (sorry, Olaf).

Yes, ABC’s Entertainment President Paul Lee told reporters on Tuesday that Elsa and Anna are definitely joining Snow White and family in the popular fairy tale based TV series “Once Upon A Time”. He even hinted at the possibility of a “Once / Frozen” spin-off.
Georgina Haig will be taking on the role as the Snow Queen herself. She was seen on set last Wednesday, filming for the fourth season of “Once Upon A Time”.
She will later be joined by newcomer Elizabeth Lail, who will be playing younger sister, Anna. Not forgetting the leading man, Kristoff, who will be played by “Greek” actor Scott Michael Foster.

This will be the recent college graduate’s first role.
Will he get a moose named Sven too?

“Once Upon A Time” is a story set in the fictional town of Storybrooke, Maine. The residents are characters from various fairy tales whose memories have been erased by a powerful spell and are now living in the “real world” with no recollection of their fairy tale self.
“Frozen”, inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “The Snow Queen”, is currently the top grossing animated movie of all time with record earnings of over US$1.2 billion. There are already talks of a sequel to the award winning movie.


Following the movie’s huge success, characters from “Frozen” are now being worked into the latest season of the show which will premiere in fall. Though the creators choose to remain mum about how they’re going to do it.

While we wait for the show to wrap up filming and start running, let’s take a look at Haig dressed as Elsa on the set of “Once Upon A Time”:

Georgina Haig on set as Queen Elsa of Arandelle.
Georgina Haig sporting Elsa’s trademark blue dress and sideways braid.
Georgina Haig taking a break with co-stars Jennifer Morrison a.k.a. Emma
and Colin O’Donoghue a.k.a. Captain Hook.