Ladies, this is why it pays to take care of your crowning glory. Belgian fan, Axelle Despiegelaere, turned heads when pictures of her avidly supporting her home country’s football team, Les Diables Rouges, made a round on the Internet. 

The pictures definitely showed she’s worth it as they’d gotten L’Oreal knocking on her door.

The fresh-faced teen sans her football makeup

The 17-year-old was offered a modelling contract by the cosmetics and beauty company upon her return to Belgium. Various fan pages have since cropped up on the Internet devoted to praising Despiegelaere’s good looks.

It really is worth it when your X chromosomes align perfectly to give you ridiculously photogenic features.

However, the instant stardom might not be all gold and glitters.

Hol’ up!

Despiegelaere’s photo of her hunting big games in Africa has surfaced on Facebook and it just might be her pitfall as it has decidedly ruffled some feathers.

Not many people will be a fan of this game

Well, whether the teenage fan-turn-model will make it big or disappear like last week’s meme is anyone’s guess. Let’s just enjoy the eye candy while the spotlight’s still on.

Hair flip Santana
Work it, girl!

Check her out in this video by L’Oreal.

Get to know a little bit more about this teen beauty, watch her interview here (remember to switch on the English subs! Unless you’re just staring at her and not really listening to her).