After the recent issue of Archie’s death, another issue circulating the comic series has arisen. Hollywood Reporter reported that an earlier issue prior to Archie’s death has been banned in Singapore due to the depiction of same-sex marriage.

The issue was discovered when cartoonist Sonny Liew who lived in Singapore found out that the third collection in the “Archie: The Married Life” series could not be found in Kinokuniya, even though the first, second, fourth and fifth volumes were available.

The third volume of “Archie: The Married Life” features the marriage of Kevin Keller, Archie’s gay friend and his African American boyfriend, Clay Walker. The issue was deemed inappropriate because it violated the social norms in Singapore.

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The marriage ceremony of Kevin Keller and Clay Walker in the third volume of “Archie: The Married Life”.

When Liew inquired the company regarding this issue, they told him that the volume is unavailable because it is “deemed to breach the Content Guidelines for Imported Publications, and removed from sale by notice of MDA. We are not able to sell this title.”

According to Time, Media Development Authority (MDA) prohibits comics and other illustrated materials that depict or discuss “alternative lifestyles or deviant sexual practices,” which include homosexuality, group sex and sadomasochism.

In Singapore, sexual relationship between two persons of the same sex is illegal in Singapore and is punishable by up to two years in jail.

CEO of Archie Comics, Jon Goldwater commented on the issue, “I’m sad readers in Singapore will miss out on the chance to read such a pivotal moment in comics.”

“Riverdale will always be about acceptance, equality and safety,” he added.