shopping raya

Aidilfitri is just around the corner! A few more days left before our Muslim brothers and sisters celebrate the glory of successfully fasting for the whole month of Ramadan.

Still, there are a few who haven’t done their preparation for the incoming celebration – either they didn’t have time or they just prefer shopping for necessities at the last possible minute.
The crowd is crazy when it comes to shopping at the last minute but some people don’t mind jostling through big crowds as long as they can save tons on their expenditure due to vendors cutting down on their prices. Why the low, low prices? Well, vendors need to get rid of the season’s stock as soon as possible. Novelty items (think ketupat shaped lamps or battery-powered pelita) don’t exactly sell once Raya is over for the year.
To you thrift spenders out there, here we’ve listed the Top 5 Places to shop at for your last minute Raya preparations:

1. Jalan TAR


Jalan TAR (Tuanku Abdul Rahman), or previously known as Batu Road, is the favourite haunt for city dwellers and out-of-towners alike when it comes to Raya purchases. The street is filled with stalls that sell various Raya must-haves such as ready made baju kurung and baju melayu (or fabrics to those who prefer sewing their own), songkok, fashionable headscarves, Raya cookies, accessories and so on.
This local attraction is also a favourite among tourists. Their choices for things to shop for double during the days before Raya as this is when more stalls are opened to meet the demands of overflowing shoppers. It is normal for the street to be jam-packed especially on the night before Raya as vendors sell their items at the lowest of prices.

2. Jalan Plumbum


If you’re looking for something a little more upscale and modern, especially for the hijab-wearing ladies, come and visit Jalan Plumbum on Section 7, Shah Alam. Various boutiques peppered along the stretch of road offer beautifully elegant choices of headscarves, blouses and dresses.

Some of the boutiques there include CalaQisya, Radiusite, EDZ, Dowa, Stanza Styliska, Sugarscarf, Ammara and Neda. Isn’t this convenient for everyone as these boutiques and many more share the same location, saving your time and energy when shopping for your Raya clothes?

3. Uptown Danau Kota


If shopping at the late hours after Terawih is more of your thing than during-the-day shopping, then Uptown Danau Kota is the place for you. Bring your friends and family because there’s everything for everybody!

Various items like shoes, perfumes, bags and clothes are sold at affordable prices. This late night market is usually opened until three in the morning. The atmosphere here is more relaxed and laid-back as there are less shoppers out during these hours.

4. Kompleks PKNS 


If your main concern is the unpredictable weather, just visit Kompleks PKNS which is located right next to the SACC shopping centre in Shah Alam. Be it rain or shine, you will be able to shop comfortably the whole time. For you ladies who still have no clue what to wear this Raya, you’ll be heaped in choices here as the complex offers a wide range of baju kurung and headscarves to choose from.

Other than the fact that haggling is allowed (and very much practiced), great discounts also await you! Aside from clothing, the complex also sells food and beverages just outside, perfect for you shoppers who spend the day shopping until it is time for you to break your fast.

5. Online Shopping


Hey, this still counts as a “place” – albeit a virtual one. For those of you who are not big fans of heavy traffic and prefer to shop from the comfort of your own home, you still have the chance to complete your Raya preparations by shopping via the World Wide Web. Best thing is, you get to do this wherever you are – provided there’s Internet connection. Just go online and visit websites like Zalora and Fashion Valet for your endless choices of Raya wear.
Bear in mind that sometimes the things you order online might not get sent to you on time. Courier services do tend to get extra busy during the month before Raya. Not to worry though, you can still flaunt your purchase as you can wear those baju kurung to any open house held anytime during the festive month!