Hari Raya rolls around again and with it, comes a barrage of TV advertisements reminding the young and old alike of the true meaning of the celebration.
Some of these ads are beautiful not only in the physical sense but also in the messages they strive to get across. They promote and instill values especially in the younger generation, a gentle nudge to remind them why Raya should be about family and loved ones. 
Get your Kleenex ready, boys and girls. 
Here we have five Raya ads from this year that may or may not make you pick up the phone right now and call your loved ones. Oh right, before you do so, here are the ads:

1. PETRONAS Raya 2014: Ke Pangkuan Bonda

It’s not Raya if you don’t see any Petronas ad. The works of the late Yasmin Ahmad have never failed to move viewers to tears. Looks like Petronas is keeping the tradition going as they’ve released another beautiful ad this year, this time set in a humble village showing the lives of a small family with their young daughter on the eve and the first day of Raya.

2. Iklan Raya Aidilfitri TM 2014: ADIK

This year TM brings us a heartwarming ad revolving around an adorable little girl who loves exploring life in the village. As shown by the ad, apologizing and forgiving are parts and parcels of daily life but the most important act of forgiving is the one given on Raya day.

3. Iklan Raya 2014 JKKN Sabah – Kuih Ibuku

Here’s one from the Land Below the Wind. JKKN Sabah produced an ad that is adapted from a sad post on social media titled “Budak Si Penjual Kuih”. It tells a story of a young boy who helps his mother sell “kuih” for a living.
If you don’t shed a few tears watching this, you might be a robot…

4. Sentiasa Bersamamu – Tenaga Nasional / TNB : Hari Raya 2014 – Versi Ori

TNB brings a little twist to their ad this year. Instead of the usual focus on family, TNB dedicates the ad to the men and women who continue working in the holidays to ensure that everyone else has a fun and memorable Raya.

5. Iklan Raya daripada RTM 2014 – “ANUGERAH”

This year TM brings us what have got to be their best Raya ad to date. It tells the story of a young boy with a handicapped brother.

Now this one, if you don’t cry, it’s official – you’re a robot.