Germany and Argentina sure have fate with each other. This year’s final match will mark the third time these two countries are going head to head (foot to foot?)  to win the title of World Cup champion. Predicting who will be taking home the glory will be more than a little tough. Sure, Argentina won the cup in 1986 but in the following World Cup held four years later, Germany emerged the victor. These two giants are equally strong and equally skilled.

Still, there can only be ONE winner.

Here we’ve listed out the reasons why we think this year Germany will be the one going home with the cup!

1. Müller versus Messi

Sure, Argentina has Messi (who is only the greatest football player ever! Ehem) but he is being put up against Müller here.
The younger footballer has so far scored one goal more than Messi. Germany is confident the young lad will be bringing them victory in the final match as he is one competitive beast. Löw describes him as “impervious to pressure”.
With the team’s fate weighing on his shoulders, Müller understandably has some pressure to carry. It is understandable too for the young footballer to de-stress once in a while. How exactly does he do it? 
Why, by doing what any young men would love doing, of course. He dances.

2.Germany has more wins


Okay, our prediction isn’t based on empty talks. Germany has so far won three World Cups, that’s one more than their rival for this year, Argentina.

Out of 20 tournaments, Germany was present in 18. They often managed to reach the quarterfinals, failing to do so only once.
The country also has three European Championships under their belt.

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Völler’s sick mullet must have contributed at least somewhat to the 1990 win

Germany was runners-up three times in the European Championships. They took runners-up four times and won four 3rd places in the World Cup.
This year, they are definitely gearing up for their fourth victorious win.

3. Germany has made more goals

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This is just looking at the stats for this year. Since the World Cup started from 12 Jun 2014 until now, Germany has been able to score more goals than Argentina.
Not only that, their goals have broken some records.
After defeating Brazil, Germany now has the most scored goals in World Cup history. In this year’s tournament, Germany is already leading by 17 goals, beating Argentina’s number by nine.

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But Brazil is still the one feeling the most of the sting

4. Germany has a stronger team 

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Germany has got it going strong for them. According to the Castor Index Ranking, Germany’s Kroos currently ranks top among his peers.

Best goalkeeper goes to Germany’s Neuer while Hummels ranks as one of the top defenders. Germany’s midfielders take up three of the high ranks.
It’s no surprise Müller ranks as one of the top forwards.

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Yes, your team is the best.

5. Germany has faced danger

Germany has gone through grueling matches before reaching the finals. The opponents they have faced are much more intense than the ones Argentina faced.
Why so?
Well, Germany had to beat Portugal before facing Ghana, then United States. Afterwards, they defeated France and Brazil before finally moving on to the finals.
With all of these matches, Germany’s been trained well and is now ready to strike down any rival.