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The 2014 FIFA World Cup will commence this Friday, 13 June 2014 and fans are getting excited for the matches to finally kick off, but apart from the game itself and just as important, football fans all over the world were also anticipating for a great theme song to represent this year’s World Cup!

However, hopes were crushed when Pitbull’s “We Are One (Ole Ola)” featuring Jennifer Lopez and Brazilian pop star Claudia Leitte became the official theme for this year’s World Cup.

Not even Jennifer Lopez and Claudia Leitte could save Pitbull’s “We Are One (Ole Ola)”.

The song was negatively criticised by football fans and the host country’s people of Brazil as it lacked the excitement level to match that of the mega football event and the upbeat Brazilian spirit.

Due to fans rampant complains, former World Cup theme song queen – Colombian singer Shakira’s single entitled “Dare (La La La)” was re-written as the World Cup’s alternative song entitled “La La La (Brazil 2014)” to save the day! Check it out below:

Shakira’s “La La La (Brazil 2014)” is the alternative World Cup 2014 song.

Meanwhile, here are the top 5 ranking World Cup theme songs of all time:

5. “Un’estate Italiana (To be Number One)”

by Edoardo 
Bennato and Gianna Nannini
Even though not many know of Edoardo and Gianna, their 1990 Italy FIFA World Cup theme song Un’estate Italiana translated as “An Italian Summer” may be one of the most famous World Cup theme song of all times. There are several versions of this song and the English version is entitled “To Be Number One”. The song was famous for its passionate and memorable lyrics.
4. “Hips Don’t Lie/Bamboo”
by Shakira feat Wyclef Jean
The original song “Hips Don’t Lie” became a commercial success due to its catchy rhythm and dance moves. Not only that, the song was performed by the beautiful Colombian singer, Shakira. Due to its success, RedOne, a Moroccan-Swedish producer, songwriter and music executive wrote a second version of the song entitled “Hips Don’t Lie/Bamboo” for the 2006 FIFA World Cup.
3. “We Are The Champions”
by Queen 
This famous ballad performed by the British rock band, Queen is known throughout the world and of all ages. The song was a worldwide success and is often use for various sports anthem. It became the official theme song for the 1994 FIFA World Cup. This song was once voted as the world’s favourite song and has been covered by many other artists.
2. “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)”
by Shakira feat 
The last World Cup theme, “Waka Waka” performed by Shakira featuring South African band, Freshlyground received positive reviews from football fans as the song appealed to audiences while was considered very fitting as the 2010 World Cup theme. The song has a bright rhythm and beautiful lyrics accompanied by the sounds of African drums and dance which let viewers feel the host country’s African vibes and atmosphere.
1. “The Cup of Life (La Copa de la Vida)”
by Ricky Martin 
The most memorable and favourite World Cup theme song is none other than Ricky Martin’s “The Cup of Life” when it became the official theme song for 1998 FIFA World Cup held in France. This song is energetic, dynamic and so full of life. No matter what year it is, the catchy tune will always make fans want to sing along to its rhythm and music. To this very day, the song is used in many soccer events which is why it made to the top of the list.

The 2014 Fifa World Cup will kick off with Brazil vs. Croatia this Friday, 12 June, 4AM (M’sia time).