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Eighteen year old Anna Faith, a Florida based singer, actress and model took advantage of her uncanny resemblance to the “Frozen” queen Elsa and makes a living currently impersonating the Disney character for events like kids’ birthday parties and other functions.

Faith also performs with her sister Lexie, who dresses up as Anna in the same animation, and when her sister isn’t available for a function, she gets her best friend Brittany Dufoe as an alternate, and they’re pretty good at their jobs too!


Faith started to gain jobs as an Elsa impersonator and quickly, word got out nationwide and she ended up on the news, and she went viral online. She also has gained many Twitter followers and fans, endearingly called “Faith’s Followers”.

Her fans are so dedicated that they are waging an enthusiastic campaign to get Faith cast as Elsa in the next season of “Once Upon A Time”, since show runners announced that the Ice Queen would be making a future appearance.

But fame isn’t the only thing that inspires the professional impersonator.

“It’s more than showing up and hearing ooh’s and ah’s, it’s incredibly moving when the children break into tears thinking that I’m the real Ice Queen or when parents share their thanks. One family told us that they couldn’t afford to go to Disney and that it meant the world to them for their child to see me dressed as Elsa. Things like that make it all worth it,”says Faith.