With all attention this week narrowed towards the 2014 FIFA World Cup, leave to Malaysia’s Namewee to come up with our very own World Cup ‘flavoured’ theme song, “Sambal Party” for the Red People artiste group!

Composed by Malaysian actor-singer Namewee, the song starts off with a short montage featuring an arguing couple. A crying girlfriend gives her boyfriend an ultimatum; choose either her or to catch a football match with his friends (where obviously he leaves her, right?). The heartbroken girl then happens across a magical football that brings about a whole song and dance sequence.

Is that really a though ultimatum?

Basically the Mandarin song with a bit of Bahasa Malaysia rap verse relies on clever wordplay and a lot of pretty ladies dressed up in their own versions of a World Cup ensemble.

Young or old, all ladies unite!

Focusing on the upcoming World Cup season and how the male species would be too busy for their girls, the song is about how all girls everywhere should reunite against their football addicted boyfriends and do the Samba and/or ‘Makan Sambal’.

Even Malaysian YouTube artiste who is also part of the Red People artistes group, Joyce Chu of “Malaysian Chabor” fame appears in the video!

The 2014 FIFA World Cup starts with Brazil vs. Croatia on Fri, 13 June at 4AM (M’sian time).