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Internationally wide source of entertainment and pop culture news Buzzfeed also has a tendency to post viral and interesting news and videos all around the world, and this time, they even posted about a Malaysian mum beating the rapist of her 13 year old daughter.

A video of a Malaysian woman beating one of the two rapists became a viral hit, as it shows the woman thrashing a man’s backside with a cane or a tree branch. It is reported that the man ended up being hospitalised, but the 28 year old rapist and the other 22 year old suspect, who was also assaulted by a group of people, were later arrested by the police.

The men may be caned again by Malaysian authorities and given prison time if they are convicted for the crime.

The video can be seen here, but be warned for it’s sort of graphic content.


However, the woman has also been caught and arrested for taking the law in her own hands.

Assistant Police Commissioner Lai Yong Heng said, “People should not take the law into their own hands even if they believe they are right to do so. They must leave it to the police to act.”

Knowing how Buzzfeed works, after the article about it had been posted, there has been a slew of clever and snarky comments by some users about the incident.

Before the woman was caught by the police, there were comments that supported her anonymity to the cops.


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There are also those who wrote about how justice was served.


Some even used the space to talk about the injustice of rape cases all over the world.


And some who are still a bit horrified by the video.

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