Jang Ye Won Korea World Cup 2014 Fan

South Korea may have lost their game against Brazil but they manage to win the heart of football fans worldwide with their reporter, Jang Ye Won.

The 24-year-old, is a newscaster for Korean channel SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System) whom had recently gained fame when she was sent to Brazil to cover the World Cup match between Spain and Chile wearing a Spanish jersey.

Football fans started taking notice of her due to her cuteness emanating from her sweet and bubbly personality, beautiful bright eyes and heart-melting smile.

She soon became the talk of the Internet when a short GIF of her started spreading and trending on Reddit, 9gag, Twitter and other social networking sites.

Jang managed to charm fans due to her simple and natural, yet beautiful appearance compared to other female reporters and fans who used their sex appeal instead.

However, many fans also speculated that her looks and beauty could be fake because Koreans are famous for having plastic surgery done, as even with teenagers in Korea who have plastic surgery at such a young age.

Nevertheless, this young lovely Korean lady is still favoured by many regardless of the bad comments and speculations about her, Currently, Jang has 38.2K followers on her Twitter page, @yewon0714 and the numbers might increase even more throughout the World Cup season.

See her adorable photos and videos below.

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