Malaysian singer, rapper, and song-writer, Joe Flizzow recently collaborated with Celcom to launch a Football Mad Territory campaign in conjunction with the 2014 FIFA World Cup that is currently taking place in Brazil.

Celcom gilabola 620x412 1
The Football Mad Territory Campaign that was launched by Celcom in collaboration with Joe Flizzow

The campaign song entitled, “#gilabola”, is a parody of Flizzow’s latest signature song “Havoc” with some additional remix and of course, cheering football fans.

A mix and mash of the Malay and English language, the song embodies the Malaysian spirit quite well, and it’s about time Malaysians had their very own World Cup song.

Flizzow explained that the song and video is about how the football-crazed fans of Malaysia unite for their love of football regardless of the their age, gender or skin colour.

The video starts off with Flizzow exploring Brazil’s Amazon jungle where he finds an enchanted football that can turn people into football-crazed fans by the very touch of it.

The video then switches to Flizzow on top of a building full of blue footballs, the signature colour of Celcom, as he kicks the balls all over the place, hitting all sorts of Malaysians, turning them into football maniacs.

Joe Flizzow ventures into the Amazon jungle of Brazil
Joe Flizzow on top of a building with many Celcom signature blue-coloured footballs

Check out the #gilabola song here: