Felixia Yeap, Malaysia’s very first Chinese Playboy model has publicly announced that she will officially embrace Islam as her religion this coming Thursday, 3 July 2014.

The reason why Yeap had chose that particular date to embrace the religion is because it happens to also be her birth date; as to show that she is being ‘reborn’ as whole new person.

Felixia Yeap before she turned towards donning the hijab.

According to The Rakyat Post, Yeap also mentioned that the fifth day of Ramadhan is a good historical day for her to remember.

“The fifth day of Ramadan this year falls on 3 July which is my birthday and it is also a Thursday which was the Prophet Mohammad’s favourite day,” she said.

“I will remember this historical date forever,” she added.

Yeapbefore after
Felixia Yeap’s before and after look.
Yeap had started wearing the hijab in December 2013 and has been doing so ever since, having also started modeling for Muslimah clothing. 
Yeap claimed that the reason behind wearing the ‘hijab’ is mainly to cover herself as she feels comfortable and protected while wearing it.
Yeap feels more comfortable and safe after wearing the hijab.
Yeap clarifies that her decision to embrace Islam was not because she was coerced or forced into it by anyone, but it was because she was attracted to Islam and it came sincerely from her heart. 
“I am willingly embracing Islam although some friends began shunning me when I began to change. However, my mother is really happy with this development in my life.”
While her Facebook page is swarmed by many fans who are praising the former playboy bunny’s decision, Yeap had also gain support from famous Malaysian television host, Datuk Aznil Haji Nawawi.
Posted on her Instagram profile today, was a selfie of Yeap with Datuk Aznil with the caption, “Semalam shooting #H!Live dengan @aznilnawawihm Pak Nil. Kata beliau, kalau Ada orang buli saya just bagitau beliau hahaha…waaaa Ada taiko Jaga akhirnya…! thank you!!”

Yeap posted a selfie of her and TV Host, Aznil Nawawi on her Instagram.
More photos of Yeap in Muslimah clothing below

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