coca cola 2nd life designboom01
Recently, the Coca-Cola company joined up with award-winning advertising agency Ogily & Mather China for a campaign program called “2nd Lives” where they introduced 16 creative and useful bottle caps for users to reuse and reduce the waste of the Coca-Cola plastic bottles.
The campaign was first launched in Vietnam where over 40,000 caps were given for free with each purchase of a single Coca-Cola bottle. 
Coca Cola 2nd Lives diy caps 01
One of the quirky posters for the “2nd Lives” campaign.

The various caps can turn the empty coke bottle into all sorts of convenient tools such as; pencil sharpener, spray bottle, dumbells, shampoo and soap dispenser, sauce bottle, bubble blower, night light and lots more.
The “2nd Lives” campaign will later be introduced to Thailand and Indonesia, and possibly to other regions in Asia by the end of this year.
Check out the video of the “2nd Lives” campaign right below.