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The 90s were a time where Malaysian music went a bit more experimental with their pop music. They ventured into hip hop and RnB, but they also had a lot of singable ballads and created 90s pop superstars that would be household names in this current time.

Though there are many more that deserve to get into this list, these are the top five of our favourite 90s Malaysian musicians who are still pretty much relevant in this modern time.

Too Phat


Their rise to stardom: Their singles, “Li’l Fingaz” and “Too Phat Baby” helped them achieve national stardom in 1999.

What are they up to now: Granted, though the duo started in the really late 90s, they still count as 90s stars and it’s pleasing to know that Joe Flizzow, born Johan Ishak and was also known as ‘The President’ back then, has now created his own label releasing his solo effort that took off and blew up in this modern age. His partner in crime Malique Ibrahim is also putting out his own solo effort.


Ella 1

Her rise to stardom: Though started pursuing music in the 80s, the Queen of Rock had gotten her big break throughout the 90s with her band “The Boys” and even made an album in the U.S.

What is she up to now: In a “The Voice” type reality show, she and her protege Puteri Caroline won themselves the first place in the sixth season of “Mentor”. She also tied the knot with a pilot 15 years her junior in 2012.



Their rise to stardom: Formed in 1992, KRU had a unique edge of having three brothers form a pop slash hip hop trio and they had a knack for writing catchy songs.

What are they up to now: Knowing that they might not be that vocally talented, the three of them venture more into a more business approach to their KRU empire, by starting up a multi million dollar entertainment empire in television, movies and music. The three brothers now are ultimately unstoppable forces of the Malaysian entertainment business and are now looking at international waters with movies like “Vikingdom” and “Ribbit”.

Amy Mastura

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Her rise to stardom: She won the award for Popular Female Artist in 1995 after she released her debut album and she had become a 90s pop icon throughout her career. She also ventured into acting with 1997’s “Tragedi Oktober” which became a local hit.

What is she up to now: Now that she has her name established as an icon, she has been endorsing products left and right, notably for the international Japanese cosmetic line Kose, where she became the first Malaysian woman to do so.

Siti Nurhaliza


Her rise to stardom:  Her Britney-sized fame in Malaysia started after winning reality show Bintang HMI in 1995 when she was 16 and coming out with her first single “Jerat Percintaan”. Everything else is infamous history.

What is she up to now: After a long run, she settled down and tied the knot and also has multiple companies in her name like the SimplySiti cosmetic line and Siti Nurhaliza Productions. But she is still a singer at heart, performing for international audiences in England, Australia and different parts of Asia.