The 27th edition of the Anugerah Bintan Popular Berita Harian 2013 (ABPBH 2013) that took place last Saturday, 24 May 2014 was a grand show indeed.

The big winner for the night was “KL Gangster” actor Aaron Aziz who had surprisingly beat comedic actor Zizan Razak for the Most Popular Star award, garnering a whopping 76,742 votes from fans.

IMG 2829
Big winner for the night, Aaron Aziz with his Most Popular Star awards.

Following Aaron’s win, the star managed to snag some pretty hefty prizes that included a Nissan Teana car, jewelry from Nakita Gold & Diamond along with a luxury watch from Tendence, and of course, the physical award itself!

The Singaporean-born-Malaysia-based actor who also won the Most Popular Film Actor award, managed to end actor Shaheizy Sam’s 2-year winning streak for Most Popular Star.

Alhamdulillah, this win is really special for me and I would like to dedicate it to my family and friends for their never-ending support towards my career thus far.”

Aaron also added that he actually expected his good friend Zizan to win, “Honestly, I never had the slightest clue that I might win tonight. I assumed it was between Zizan or Shaheizy this time!”

Taking place at the Plenary Hall at Putrajaya International Convention Centre, the awards ceremony was hosted by Fara Fauzana, Amy Mastura and Shiro band.

Having been graced with many other of our favourite local celebrities and their sense of fashion, here’s our exclusive best shots of the night!

IMG 1803
Hafiz Suip
IMG 1832
Hyper Act
IMG 1915
Rey & Dina
IMG 2001
Hanis Zalikha
IMG 2007
Kaka Azraff
IMG 2061
Ayu from “One In A Million”
IMG 2082
IMG 2097
Adi Putra
IMG 2116
Zizan Razak & Emma Maembong
IMG 2176
Sofi Jikan
IMG 2211
Akim Ahmad
IMG 2223
DJ Lin
IMG 2232
Mizz Nina
IMG 2245
Felexia Yeap
IMG 2295
Nora Danish
IMG 2364
Erra Fazira
IMG 2491
Lana Nordin
IMG 2578
Siti Saleha
IMG 2135
Emma Maembong
IMG 2264
Almy Nadia & Fizz Fairuz
IMG 2271
IMG 2279
Awi Rafael
IMG 2308
Encik Mimpi
IMG 2322
Hisyam Hamid & isteri
IMG 2345
IMG 2374
Shaheizy Sam
IMG 2382

IMG 2402
Izara Aishah
IMG 2406
Wak Doyok
IMG 2413
Johan As’ari
IMG 2433
Lisdawati & Fauzi Nawawi
IMG 2535
IMG 2539
IMG 2553
Eira Syazira & Azad Jasmin
IMG 2555
Keith Foo
IMG 2566
Zara Zya
IMG 2588
Nabila Huda
IMG 1973
Ana Dahlia
IMG 2332
Raja Ilya