mj hologram

While the Billboard Music Awards honor the newest hit-makers and legendary pop icons today, the platform gave the dead but still relevant icon Michael Jackson to debut a performance of his song from his humous album Xscape.

Appearing as a state-of-the-art hologram, a vision of the singer took to the stage for a performance of “Slave to the Rhythm”.

After starting the song on a screen at the back of the stage, the Jackson hologram appeared to walk to the front of the stage, mingling with dancers as he sang the track, which caused a rupture of tears by audiences at the venue and all over the world watching, as seen on Twitter.

“I’m in tears. That performance made me miss Michael even more,” tweeted CaringKidrauhl.

“When is hologram Michael Jackson gonna collab with Tupac?” tweeted JRSportBrief.

You can watch the holographic performance here: