We’ve heard great news from Cinema Online that Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter will be adding their Orlando, US originated theme park in Osaka, Japan.

Along with the great news that the Harry Potter themed park will be gracing Asia with some of their magic, we also know that the attractions like Hogsmeade Village, the Hogwarts Castle and the Forbidden Journey ride will be a part of the 108-acre theme park in Osaka, which is aimed to open in 15 July 2014.

Excited as we are that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter will be just a little bit closer to our homes, there are a few things we would love to see in the J.K. Rowling penned book-turned-theme-park.

More Asian witches and wizards in the Wizarding World!

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Cho Chang shouldn’t be the only thing worldwide Harry Potter fans should think of when we say Asian representation matters! We love that Universal has given Japan a chance to mix in their Japanese people and culture along with the magic of Hogwarts, and we do want to see more Asian witches and Wizards. Westerners don’t have to “hog” all the fun anymore.
We can’t wait to see Japanese ‘witches and wizards’ showing tourists around the theme park and selling us wands and Hogsmeade candy.

A ride or attraction only Osaka’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter gets to have.

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Rides that have already been loved by many at Orlando, Florida are still more and welcome at Osaka, Japan, but how great would it be if they added an extra attraction just for the franchise there to have to encourage people to go to one or more Wizarding Worlds.

It will also give the ones who only get to go to Japan for the experience something more to cherish. The options and ideas are endless. Floo Powder transportation journey perhaps? How about a Hogwarts classroom? A boat ride to Hogwarts like in the first film? Or a deatheater inspired haunted house?

“Harry Potter” alumnis to pop in every now and again.

wizarding world emma wand 1 by LilthRaven

Emma Watson, Robbie Coltrane, Matthew Lewis and the Phelps twins showed up at the opening day of the first Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and Evanna Lynch showed up at the Japan press conference to announce the Osaka expansion.

Hopefully we can expect these Harry Potter film stars, or the other actors at the Japanese opening in July, and hopefully some of them will appear at the theme park now and again, so the Asian region can appreciate them too.