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Video games have gone pretty far from just two bars and a dot representing the revolutionary “Pong”, but with the stunning visuals, the incredible storylines and all round fun gaming experience, modern video games are a treat to play and it feels almost shameful and a crime to not even talk about it.

You might not have much experience in games, but even if you already do, these games will make you want to give that joystick a go.

IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR: Freedom feeling, stress relieving, violent, offensive, delightful fun

PLAY: Grand Theft Auto V

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Worldly known as a ‘damaging game that teaches immorality’, the Grand Theft Auto franchise has it all. You can steal cars, wreck them, play with prostitutes ‘that way’, kill people, wreck more stuff, fly aircrafts, crash, die a lot, do all those things you only can ever dream about doing in real life if you weren’t so scared about the consequences.

The franchise has been around for a long time, but the recent addition is so popular and ravely reviewed it is currently the top game to play. And it is in our opinion, tons better than the other choices to play if you wanted to relieve stress, like uh, Battlefield or Call of Duty for example.

IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR: Zombies, not too much gameplay, a lot of story and heart and characters you wished were given better circumstances

PLAY: The Walking Dead Game

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This game is perfect for first time gamers who want to try out playing a zombie game without too much intensity going on, and it is also great for gamers who enjoy the story and character building process as it runs.

The graphic adventure ‘point and click’ game is set in the same world as the Walking Dead comic and television show, but with different characters, and every choice you make as a player will affect the outcome of the game.

IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR: A first person shooter with a mind bending storyline

PLAY: Bioshock Infinite

Vigor undertow
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Bioshock Infinite, the continuation of the popular Bioshock franhice has truly outdone itself.  It is a mind bending, soul wrenching, beautiful, gut grinding, heart pumping, outstanding piece of work with a movie franchise-like storyline, and playing it is an experience itself.

Especially if you love a good storyline, but want to kill people with special powers you consume AND with guns, Bioshock Infinite is a great play and cannot only be detailed in two paragraphs, because the amount of detail in the game itself is already such a feat.

The game also has two extra additional game ‘episodes’ you can play to continue the story of Bioshock to make it come full circle, so you should probably give the first games a go to if you like this one.

IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR: Something to succumb to your Pokemon X and Y addiction

PLAY: Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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If you love role playing games like Pokemon on your Gameboy, and want to play something different but also something sort of familiar and similarly adorable, Animal Crossing provides you with that choice. You play the game as a mayor of a new town, and you try to make your town as great as possible.

Everyone in your village are cute little animals and you can explore your town, redecorate and play a bunch of activities and more.

IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR: Something to possibly scare your butt off

PLAY: Amnesia: The Dark Descent

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If the game Slender isn’t enough, you should try out the weird and sometimes frightening first player puzzle game. You wake up as a character with amnesia and you try and piece things together and try to get out of the castle you’re in.

No-one’s really there and the only other ‘thing’ amongst just a few other ones is this person sized sewed up monster with a big jaw, limbs like a crab and stubs for legs and it’s just so absurd it does scare the crap out of most people. Have fun.