After long hours at the office and slowly developing a morose look that we’ve dubbed as the ‘office tan’, it’s time for a quick pick-me-up getaway to rest and relax. While Malaysia offers many beautiful beaches, islands and cities to visit, they’re not going to be ideal to fit over the weekend and will usually include more activities than your mind, body and soul will make room for. Here’s a list of our 4 weekend getaway retreats that are within reasonable distance to avoid the fuss and hassle of travel.

Villa Samadhi, KL

villa samadhi luxe crib 1

Tucked within the city, just a stone throw away from the boastful towers of KLCC is Villa Samadhi, an amazing retreat made for city dwellers. It’s hidden from busy streets, city noise and surrounded with lush greenery that breathes new life into this sanctuary. Combining touches of luxury and romance, Villa Samadhi is made for couples, best friends or business travellers looking to dwell in comfort. The earthy décor of bamboo, dried grass and salvage timber lends a classy touch to the sophisticated and tranquil ambiance. Enjoy private Jacuzzis, 5-star bedding, cocktail hour, in-house dining treats, a beautiful pool and so much more.

Price Range: RM660 to RM1,300 per night depending on accommodation type.
Location: Villa Samadhi, 8 Jalan Madge, 55000 Kuala Lumpur

Sekeping Serendah, KL



Sekeping Serendah is laid by a bubbling brook, amidst a beautiful tropical rainforest. It’s where you go to escape the concrete jungle and to enjoy fresh air while being one with Mother Nature. Design to keep free from lavishness and to tread lightly on nature, this getaway is ideal for those looking to get close to nature. With 10 sheds to pick from, guests can enjoy waking up to natural light, feeling the touch of Her breeze upon their skin and inhale the natural scents of trees, plants and grass. Located about an hour north of Kuala Lumpur city, Sekeping Serendah is hidden on a sleepy street in Serendah, Kuala Lumpur.

Price Range: RM280 to RM1,300 per night depending on accommodation type.
Location: 67, Jln Tempinis Satu | Lucky Garden, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur 59100

The Shorea, Seremban


Family retreats are always the best and The Shorea takes pride in housing many of these festive reunions. Gaining popularity for its tranquil ambiance and serene nature, The Shorea is a rustic back-to-nature retreat that caters to families, couples, friends and more. Its secluded villas are set on beautiful and natural terrains that take pride in its meandering paths that head towards a natural jungle steam and waterfall within the Berembun Forest Reserve. It’s the ultimate forest getaway but do note that it’s not for the squirmy that won’t say hello to the bugs that don’t scare.

Price Range: RM500 to RM6,500 per night depending on villa type.
Location: Village Kolam Air, Mukim Pantai, Jalan Jelebu, 71770 Seremban

Awanmulan, Negeri Sembilan



Not too far from the KL city is another great hidden gem, Awanmulan. Built against a lush forest reserve, this baby is a cosy family run business that serves as a getaway and not as a hotel. Occupants get to enjoy beautiful views of cascading greenery, star studded skies and cool temperatures, ensuring rest and relaxation is ensued.  Here’s where you go when you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and it’s a great place to bond with friends and family as well.

Price Range: RM550 to RM1,800 per night.
Location: Jalan Jelebu, 70100 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.