how to rick roll somebody

In the age of the internet and unlimited accessibility, anyone can prank everyone, and everyone can be the victim of an April Fools prank by anyone with one click or a well made ruse.

We have been a victim of internet based pranks since the dawn of the trolls and we’re here to list them down because it might just save ourselves from how gullible we really are.

1. The classic Rick Roll.


Since the video’s start in 2007, this video gained over 70 million “accidental” hits because of this classic internet prank. A “Rickroll” is described as a ‘bait and switch’, where a person provides a hyperlink to something ‘promising’ but instead leads to this video instead.

The video is a music video of 80s pop star Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”, and since the harmless prank has risen to fame, so did Rick Astley himself. The pop star’s music career revived, and he has booked many gigs all over the world including the Macy’s Day Parade in New York.

Astley also won himself an award for Best Act Ever at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2008 after many fan votes.

2. The horrible ‘screamers’.


The meanest of the pranks, called ‘screamers’, are better fit for Halloween pranks. But even so, these types of pranks should only be fit for the strongest of hearts if you do not want to be traumatised forever.

Mostly, it appears to be a harmless game, video or even a still image that was made by a Flash program. A viewer is made to stare at something seemingly harmless, only to have a scary image appear and have a ‘scream’ sound pierce through your ears. We also came across a Manga-style horror comic, which turned out to be a screamer. We aren’t safe anywhere.

3. The infamous Google pranks.

art Untitled 1 620x349 1

We remember Google has gotten us a few times before, like the Google Nose BETA last year. But to do something like a Pokemon Challenge? It’s a prank that will make any skeptic download the Google Maps app, but it is still amazing.

The video was also pretty spectacular.


But apparently, the Pokemon challenge isn’t the only thing Google came up with this year.

There’s also the Japanese based “Magic Touch”and it is outrageous.


4. Reputable news sources suddenly becoming untrustworthy for the day.

Scottish roads plan expla 001

Something like “Scotland suddenly changing to the right hand sides of the roads” will definitely question a reader, especially today but when it is something coming out of a reputable news source like The Guardian, we had to think twice.

There has also been things today like ‘ducks being trained to crossed the street’ or news presenters quitting over a cup of coffee. The news sources which otherwise had been where you would go to find the truth, is suddenly something you should be aware of.

5. Your Facebook friends poor prank attempts.

ron swanson computer throw out parks and rec
Taken from gifrific
Now that you know it is April Fools day today, you’re going to be more aware of what is going on around the internet, particularly Facebook.

Though some will get you good, others will make attempts so poor you will want to throw away anything related to the internet. You will want to de-friend anyone who posts a screamer, and casually sigh at the RickRolls, but mostly you will have to remember that once you get through today, there will be no more pranks to help make you feel less of an idiot.

But we do want to help you get through the day.
The HIVE has created a list of ways to avoid being pranked, so click the link to read on for part 2.