penang graffiti

Penang has always usually been on people’s mouths because of the great food and culture, but what also keeps the Isle of Penang different from the other states in Malaysia is how artistic the place can be.

Some graffiti found on the walls of Penang have not been erased but embraced, and they are the most special works of art because it is not only accessible for pictures and good tourist spots without charging any money, but the art is incredible enough for it to be a state treasure.

Here are some of the best, and where to find the gems yourself.

Ah Quee Street Art

This mural is known as ‘Boy on a Bike’, and can be found in An Quee Street, Georgetown. It is also one of the most pictured graffiti in Penang.

Ah Quee Street Art Dinosaur

More in Ah Quee Street, there is a rather cool dual-style mural called “Little Boy with Pet Dinosaur”.

Cannon Street Art

The single artist,  who painted these murals all over Penang, often uses simple props to make his art come alive. The use of the chair makes this boy in the artwork called “Reaching Up” in Cannon Street feel more realistic.

Armenian Street Art Children on a Bicycle

Also using a prop, “Little Children on a Bicycle” can be found on Armenian Street. The artist captures the look of pure joy and innocence of Malaysian children.

Armenian Street Art Cafe

Also found in Armenian Street but this time on the whole side of a wall, the artist painted his neighbour, who is also a well known wooden clog painter Mr. Ng Chai Tiam as a tribute.

Chew Jetty Art

Found decorating the Chew Jetty, “Children on a Boat” represents the area, along with the replicas of the boats used. The artist even painted a little kitten and a paddle for details.

Muntri Street Art

“Little Girl in Blue” plays along Munri Street next to Ta Nan Hong temple. The artist uses the top of the windows as props to have the ‘girl’ hold on to.

The Awaiting Trishaw Paddler

At a more populated area Penang Road, “The Awaiting Trishaw Paddler” hangs round. Though it’s not by the artist who painted the rest of the graffiti, artist Desmond Yeo still does it pretty good.

The artist who created the rest of the artwork, however, is a Lithuanian artist by the name of Ernest Zacharevic.

ernest zacharevic paint penang street art

ernest zacharevic armenian street art

Unlike Banksy, Ernest is happy showing his identity. He can even be seen in a video talking about the artwork.


“Art is not about a free buffet at the exhibition opening, it’s about something people can relate to, something people can be involved in and it is not only for rich collectors,” he says in the interview.