When we think of celebrities that have made it big in other countries from Malaysia, we think of either Michelle Yeoh or Yuna, but they aren’t the only people well known worldwide for what they do.

Here is a short list of cool people who are also influential outside their home country.


adv 1020

Tan Mang Ling hails from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, but the 39 year old was also the first supermodel to grace international stardom from South East Asia! She has been seen in hundreds of shows from countless and biggest fashion designers in the world. And even now after a long and successful modeling career she has signed with Muse Management in New York.


jimmy leedscollegeofartuk

Jimmy Choo is a worldly known luxury shoemaker, and his shoes are so popular amongst celebrities, artists like Jay Z mentions his name in songs. His products are also proudly mentioned and visibly work by celebrities at the red carpet, and to think that he came from Penang, Malaysia!



The singer songwriter was just a Youtube artist from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah until she was offered many recording contracts from all over the world after she was given a spotlight via Youtube. She was signed to Brushfire Records, partially owned by musician Jack Johnson and she became a household name ever since.


Lee Chong Wei 1

Being the number one badminton player in the world for more than a year certainly helped him gain worldwide recognition, and after multiple wins at the Olympics, he is also the most successful Malaysian Olympian in history. His achievements also earned him the title ‘Datuk’, and current Prime Minister Najib Razak also called him a national hero.


Dr Sheikh Muszaphar dalam kapal

Datuk Dr Sheikh Muszaphar is officially the first Malaysian astronaut to go into outer space. He is also the first muslim astronaut to have experienced Ramadhan and fasting while in space. The orthopedic surgeon turned spaceman was launched to the International Space Station from Kazakhstan and spent 9 days conducting scientific experiments, and when he returned to earth, he participated in research programs and also does motivational speaking from time to time. He is also a part time model.