CEO of Tune Studios and winner of several awards from Anugerah Skrin for his music work in the local Malaysian movie “KIL” Jeremy Little has recently passed away.

The influential musician and key figure in the local industry died during a stay in Makkah.

“A close friend and brother, Jeremy Little of Malaysia has just passed away in the holy Land of Makkah Al Mukarramah whilst on a trip to Umrah. What a blessed prince to pass away for a young man who printed and distributed my CDs free of charge every year. May Allah Almighty grant him the loftiest ranks in paradise…” wrote his friend Mufti Ismail Menk.

Little was also responsible for many other successful local indie bands like Kyoto Protocol, who also posted a statement on Facebook in tribute of him, “Here’s to @littlejermz who recently passed away after a giving cancer a run for its money. He was heavily involved with the making of “An Album” and gave us plenty of guidance as a seasoned professional in the music business. See you on the other side brother.”


Rest in peace, Jeremy Little.