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Whoever said that New York is a city that never sleeps has not been around these parts of the world after the clubs close and the post-drinking munchies set in. Malaysians love eating at any hour of the day but the desire, nay, need to eat is never stronger than after a night of partying! Here are some of Malaysians’ favorite late night grub and where you can get your hands on them!

Nasi Lemak Panas 

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Look at that steaming plate of Nasi Lemak. Photo: Malaysian Insider
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Nasi Lemak Maybank at Sea Park, Petaling Jaya. Photo: my.openrice.com

We Malaysians love our Nasi Lemak! But nothing beats a hot, steaming plate of Nasi Lemak after a night of clubbing. Fried chicken, optional. One would think that it to be a terrible idea to take anything spicy after loading up on alcohol but for chili-blooded Malaysians, there’s nothing better! Available at most mamak restaurants.

Recommended spots: Nasi Lemak Maybank Sea Park, Nasi Lemak Bumbung, Devi’s Corner Bangsar or Nasi Lemak Panas 223 Petaling Jaya.


Lok- lok truck won’t let you down. Photo: Mana.my

One of KL’s greatest appeal is that you can find good food anywhere and at any time, including right outside your favorite club or bar. The most convenient post-clubbing award has to go to the lok-lok truck. Starting from less than a ringgit a stick, this snack is easy on the pocket. Pick your preferred meat-on-a-stick, cook it in a broth of your choice, enjoy and repeat.

Recommended trucks/spots: Outside Havana on Changkat, near Sid’s Bar in Taman Tun or really anywhere! Just drive around and you’ll be sure to spot one in no time.

Roti Canai

Roti Canai with dhall and curry. Photo: Hungrygowhere.my

Whether its banjir, garing, telur, bawang or planta. We all have our favorite version of this ridiculously delicious bread. Watching the “boss” flip the roti is a performance in itself (For the uninitiated, yes, the mamak waiter also goes by “boss”)! Averaging around RM1 for a plain one, Roti Canai is perfect for a light but delicious and cheap meal.

Recommended spots: Available in any mamak stall or 24/7 restaurant!


Big Mac at McDonalds for the lazy who want to order from home.

Sometimes we Malaysians like to trade in our Maggi Gorengs and Satays for a greasy Big Mac and fries. Ever since McD’s decided to open its doors 24 hours since the mid 2000’s it has become a popular late night meal choice for Malaysians. Especially if you live in the suburbs and want something quick to sneak back home. They also offer 24 hours delivery service which is great for house partiers.

Ramly Burgers

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A Ramly Burger aka. Malaysian Sloppy Joes.

Some Malaysians prefer to go with their local Ramly burger stands. Throw in a slice of cheese, an egg and some special sauce to make it an especially delicious affair. Lately burgers have been trending on late night eats in Malaysia prompting some of these Abang Burgers to innovate and come up with new and improved burgers like Burger Bakar or Om Burger.

Recommended Spots: Burger truck near Starbucks SS15 Subang, Kaw Kaw Burger at Mayang Oasis Food Court.

Bak Kut Teh

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Non-halal Bah Kut Teh. Photo: vkeong.com

Although Bak Kut Teh is typically a (non-halal) morning meal, clubbers like to make it an extra early one after partying! The comforting herbal broth and yummy meaty pork ribs dish is said to be good hangover cure which might explain why it’s such a popular after-party meal. For the pork-free version, try Chik Kut Teh (made with chicken).

Recommended Spots: Mungo Jerry, Ban Lee or anywhere at Old Klang Road.