There has been a lot of rumours going around that James Franco had tried to meet up with a 17 year old girl via Instagram, and there are leaked pictures and conversation available on the Internet.

Seen in these leaked Instagram private message screenshots, the celebrity actor, director and writer asked if the fan, called Lucy, if she was single and if she lived in New York.

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After they exchanged numbers, the pair continued the conversation and Franco gave proof that he was real with a couple of his own selfies.

He even asked questions like, What’s the hotel? Should I rent a room?” 


17 year old Lucy met the star at an autograph signing on Tuesday, and she tagged him in photos and videos on her Instagram account.
And what makes matters all the more confusing is when James Franco tweeted vaguely about the leak, and though it might seem like he is denying something, he doesn’t specifically say he wasn’t trying anything with the girl.

In the Tweet, he also urges parents to keep teens away from him.

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But just one hour after his Tweet, he posted another Tweet posting the trailer to his new movie, based on a book he wrote called “Palo Alto”.


“Palo Alto”, based on the stories by James Franco, is about a teenage girl (Emma Roberts) having an affair with an older teacher (James Franco). Could all this be a publicity stunt for James Franco’s film?

But the subject of a celebrity pursuing a fan is no new issue, but is still strange considering that the girl is 17.

The actor, who is normally a favourite amongst his fans, suddenly received backlash on the internet.

“James Franco is a psycho,” writes a Tumblr blogger who posted the leaked Instagram convo in her blog, “we were all rooting for you and now all I want to do is kick your a**.”

But there are some who saw a silver lining, like a Twitter user says Aide, “Although (James Franco trying to hook up with a 17 year old girl) is majorly creepy, hope is lingering in the air.”

But some of the fans were convinced that everything was a publicity stunt, like another Twitter user Chris Melberger writes, “100% staged. Huge marketing scheme for his movie Palo Alto. Very smart buzz though, especially in these social media days. #JamesFranco.”

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