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We Malaysians have a unique pride when it comes to music we really love, whether it’s locally brewed or an international Godsend. We love music so much we seek the many different ways we can listen to music, which is why Vinyl nowadays are becoming more and more talked about once again.

Thanks to International Record Store Day, Malaysia’s own local record stores and individual music appreciators celebrated last Saturday with a range of events, gigs and a whole lot of vinyl love.

These are some of the ways our country has spent Record Store Day, and here’s to many more Record Store Days to come.

2 for 1 deals

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At the infamous Joe’s MAC store in Amcorp Mall, known for their weekend flea markets, the place celebrated Record Store Day by offering 2 for 1 deals for their vinyls, amongst other great bargains. The best part was that they offered it all weekend.

Punk rock shows

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A local punk rock music haven located in Jalan Ampang, Tandang celebrated International Record Store Day with their own signature sound, including a show which headlined 80s Australian punk rock act Vicious Circle, along with local bands like Benzoate, The Mindless Show, Memorial, and Alteration Broken System.

The store also sells vinyls, cassettes tapes, CDs, books, magazines and other merch related to the punk rock scene.

All day vinyl spinning

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The folks at Petaling Jaya’s Hand Graft Records store celebrated at festive weekend by putting on their very own live show featuring Ampang based indie rock act The Fridays. They also showcased their love of music by spinning their favourite records at the store all day.

The store also sells all sorts of records, from pop music to hardcore to independant gems.

Live acoustic music

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Spreading more love for the local music acts around Malaysia, they had organised an acoustic gig especially for Record Store Day last weekend, featuring acts like Zack Yusof (of Free Deserters), Ben Liew (of Ben’s Bitches), Mohd Jayzuan, and Rizal Morales.

The store also offered great finds for records, and their passion for vinyls shine through with their heavy collection of a wide ranged genres.