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Keeping the article relatively SPOILER FREE as possible when it comes to the latest season, we share our love of medieval fantasy HBO show “Game of Thrones” by also sharing our favourite parodies made to post on the internet.

If you have at least the basic knowledge of the main characters and the first season, these parodies are sure to make you love the franchise even more.


Spoiler level: Just basic Season 1 – 2 stuff.

This ingenious take on modern hipster trends in high schools and combining it with the characters of “Game of Thrones” as teenagers, this 3 part Youtube miniseries is a must watch for all GoT fans. We would have also loved to have more in the series but sadly it ended so quickly. The intricate and pretty intro to match the HBO show’s intro is also worth the watch.


Spoiler level: Just the title sequence.

What would we do without the iconic intros for every episode on “The Simpsons”? They have tackled popular shows before, and whatever iconic and popular person or show you can think of they probably have already made a parody of it on the cartoon, but the “Game of Thrones” tribute is incredibly charming.


Spoiler level: Season 1, with just the Starks and Lannisters.

In this hilarious edit by MatInComedy, “Game of Thrones” scenes have been turned into what they would be like if they were shot in front of a live studio audience, with laugh and clap tracks galore. Look out for the best part with the scene where Tyrion slaps Joffrey.


Spoiler level: Khal Drogo’s reign with Daenarys.

Taking a very graphic fight scene between Khal Drogo and Maggo, wsamon of Youtube created the scene to what it would look like if it were a mortal Combat fight. The scene in the show itself was pretty heavy and hard to look at but adding the health levels and “FATALITY” at the end made it pretty great.


Spoiler level: Season 1.

Created for College Humour, this truly remarkable “Game of Thrones” parody features what the show would look like as a 16-bit RPG game. It would have been pretty adorable but it also parodied a lot of their sex scenes, but it was still pretty funny to watch.


Spoiler level: Seasons 1-3.

Screen Junkies have made funny fake trailers of movies for some time but when a good tv show captures their attention, they would made a trailer for them. They have made one for “Breaking Bad” and even “The Walking Dead” besides a lot of the Superhero and popular movies. This fake trailer has everything, the intense movie voice guy, the one liners and even a long crack at Sean Bean.


Spoiler level: Season 1.

If you had to watch only one parody video of “Game of Thrones”, you should definitely watch this one. Taking scenes from Mostly Season 1’s Sean Bean as Ned Stark and a few other scenes, this video erases all the sounds in the original footage and replaced it with “Bad Lip Reading” and fun adventure-comedy background music.

They turned the show into a show about people working at a medieval fair, and it is one of the funniest takes we’ve ever seen. Look out for Ned Stark saying, “This place could become the best Medieval Theme Park in the world, the only problem is the employees here work about as hard as a bucket of apples.” And the lines keep getting more and more skewed as they go.