Anthony Bourdain 6

If you’re a fan of world famous chef, traveller, foodie and television personality Anthony Bourdain, you will most likely know that he doesn’t keep his love for Asian food a secret. Which is why it felt like it was only a matter of time before he pulled off something like opening up a “Malaysian” type food court right in New York!

According to Bourdain for Departures Magazine, the international food emporium is modeled after Malaysian-Singaporean street hawkers and is set in New York as it will be home to up to 50 different food stalls, which will focus on one or two specialties each.

He also adds that the stalls will be helmed by big name chefs and rising stars who specialise in the dishes sold.

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Bourdain says that the market will be divided into three different parts, an Asian part which focuses on Singaporean and Malay dishes, and international part to sell things like Mexican food and American barbeque and a third part, which will serve as a quarterly pop-up hall spotlighting a different city, country or region every three months.

The dishes are expected to be priced from US$5 to US$25 (RM16.50 to RM82)!

Bourdain will join forces with chef Mario Batali in making the food emporium. Batali has lent his star power to Italian food hall chain Eataly, which started in Italy and expanded to the US, Japan, Dubai and Turkey.