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One of the longest running and most successful sitcoms “How I Met Your Mother” has come to an end not too long ago, and however you are feeling about the finale, you have to admit that the show had grabbed a part of you and you never really wanted to see it let go.

The show spawned so many cultural references and phenomenons that it is hard to keep track, and while it did have their ups and downs the sitcom was iconic in its own way.

We took some time to collect just five of our favourite iconic bits that all 9 seasons of “How I Met Your Mother” has to offer. While the list alone might not be as legend-wait for it-dary as the show, it will still calm you from the storm that was your reaction after watching that overwhelming finale.

5. Marshall’s video montages.


There are a lot of great moments that Jason Segel’s Marshall Eriken has to offer this list. There has been great chemistry with his on screen wife Lily Aldrin, played by Allison Hannigan and they have had great moments together. Marshall also shares the Slap Bet gag with Barney Stinson, but the one that stood out from the rest for us (that are also pretty underrated!) are his hilariously lame video montages.


4. Barney Stinson’s Suits song.

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Barney Stinson’s character, played by Neil Patrick Harris, has also been recognised critically and has received many award nominations and his terms coined in the show like “Legend-wait for it-dary”, “Haaaave you met Ted?” and many other terms and pick up lines are nothing short of iconic.

But the greatest iconic thing there is has to be his love for suits, and the show came up with a brilliant broadway-styled music video about just that.


3. The Mother

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The entire show was about meeting the mother. So obviously, the moment that we all met the mother for the first time is very important and iconic, and we knew that things will all start making sense from then on.

Arguably, Cristin Milioti should have been introduced as the Mother from a long time ago, just because she is such a great addition and fans have embraced her so well, but every moment she was on was a breath of fresh air and we all we’re excited that we knew Ted Mosby’s future wasn’t going to be as blue as he would have thought.

Which is why her appearance alone is already an iconic moment.


2. Robin Sparkles’ Lets Go to the Mall music video

HIMYM RobinSparkles

There was no concious reason to why we picked musical moments for all first four choices, but the musical numbers are some of the best. Robin Scherbatsky’s (played by Cobie Smulders) teen Canadian pop star pesona back in the day Rabin Sparkles was a hidden secret she tried to hide but failed, and it has been a wonderful running gag throughout the series.

She also had a soft ballad “Sandcastles in the Sand”, and had a short lived children’s television program where she taught lessons and songs about beavers, but the best iconic Sparkles moment has to be the original, “Lets go to the Mall”.


1. The blue french horn date.


The icon of icons in the entire show, the blue french horn is a symbol of the love and respect Ted and Robin has had since the beginning of the show.

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It started off as one of the biggest romantic Ted has made for a girl, where he stole the french horn during his first date with Robin to win her heart.

So throughout the entire series, the blue french horn has always been referenced as something that is hard to compare to as a symbol for love, which is ultimately what the show is all about.