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Malaysia’s favourite actress and wife of entertainment business mogul and director Yusry Abdul Halim, Lisa Surihani is reaching the height of the local films version of royalty. Winning Best Comedic Actress recently from Anugerah Lawak Warna, the law graduate turned movie star is not only a favourite amongst fans but amongst the industry.

But the modest star’s personal life, though transparent, has been the talk of many Malaysians and we all want to know more about Lisa Surihani.

Here are some facts that you may not know about the celebrity.

She used her money from doing commercials to pay for her A-Levels.


Not many know that she had her start at a young age starring in commercials, including the 2001 ad for McDonalds’ Fried Chicken. She also appeared in Akademi Fantasia winner Zahid’s music video “Milikku”.

We might have used the money earned from the jobs to buy whatever gadgets or clothing we would have wanted if we were her age. She took a different route, by paying for her A-Level fees.

She’s the female “Harry Potter”.

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Aside her round childhood glasses, Lisa Surihani confesses that she has a scar on her forehead, just like “Harry Potter”! But though she might have not gotten it from an evil wizard with no nose, she said that received the scar falling down the stairs when she was young!

She can sing.


Though more commonly known for her acting chops, she could hold her own when it came to singing as well! Though she might be extra shy when she is asked to sing, like in the video, Lisa Surihani seems to have a lot of talent to showcase.

She was also seen singing in her McDonalds commercial when she was younger.

Her wedding dress was Kate Middleton-inspired.


Designed by Putra Aziz from Cosry Couture, Lisa Surihani had her wedding gown made to look a bit like the Kate Middleton wedding dress. Complete with the organic lace and swarovski crystals, the champagne coloured frock was a custom made piece one to remember.

Before marrying Yusry, Lisa admitted what kind of guy she was looking for.


Back in early 2010, before her relationship with her now husband Yusry, Lisa Surihani was asked what she was looking for in a man, to which she answered ‘tall and neat’. Yusry is obviously taller than her, and we don’t know if he’s a neat guy but we’re willing to guess that he probably is.