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You might know the usual places when it comes to featuring live music. Ultra polished and established places like The Bee, Laundry Bar and No Black Tie is great for a pleasant day out, but there are rising star places that you might want to check out as well for live music.

The almost secret and hidden venues might be harder to look for, but fans of live music will definitely get that special vibe and atmosphere felt in places like these, which is definitely harder for you to feel that way when you’re in somewhere larger or more known.

Here are a few of what we know so far.

Merdekarya, PJ

Hidden in the corners of Petaling Jaya, specifically at Jalan 5-57, author and musician Brian Gomez’ ultimate independent artists hang out spot is established here and is the home of many Malaysian indie music featured gigs and open mics.

The places also offers a warm and comforting atmosphere, and many friendly faces are usually there to welcome you each and every time. Follow their official Facebook page to follow their updates on who will be playing next at the venue, and look out for their open mics and jam sessions, because they welcome anyone who wants to give it a go!

Teenage Head Records

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The cool independent record store in Jalan SS14/1, Subang Jaya has recently started organizing their own gig for the upcoming Record Store Day right in the store, and mostly you have to follow people’s word of mouth, self promotions or the store’s posters to know when their gigs are.

They also sell hard to find vinyls, so you’re sure to also have fun looking through their store for a great find.

Pisco Bar


Fairly new at gaining a lot of attention from rising musicians, Pisco Bar, located in Jalan Mesui KL, really near No Black Tie, has a staircase you climb to get to a closed space, tight, but cosy venue where a lot of live music is expected to play.

Pisco Bar also alternates live music with DJ nights at the same place, so whichever night you go might always certain have something going on.

Annexe Gallery

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Kuala Lumpur’s Annexe Gallery, located at the Pasar Seni area, provides convenient space with a good, cooling and friendly vibe. Usually, the space is rented out for just stalls and festivals and galleries but they often also have pop up live music shows, and the find there is worth looking out for.

Added the music experience with a shopping spree perfect for anyone looking for local and independent stuff, the Annexe can be quite fun.