That’s not beef.

The name “Hannibal” has always been in people’s mouths because of the famous novels by Thomas Harris and later because of the films like “Silence of the Lambs” starring Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster.

But since last year, the smart, cannibalistic psychopath has been reworked into a brilliant television show, along with the original characters from before he was caught, based on the book “Red Dragon”, which was also made into a popular movie starring Hopkins, Ralph Fiennes and Edward Norton.

“Hannibal” has now started Season 2 of the series, which follows the introduction of Mads Mikkelsen’s take on Hannibal himself, along with Hugh Dancy’s take on Will Graham. But now we list down the top 5 reasons on why you should be gluing your eyes on the screen to watch the new season of “Hannibal”.

1. Will Graham is in prison, and he’s planning to get out.

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The television series takes a different twist in “Hannibal”, with the cannibal psychiatrist framing his only ‘friend’ and consulting FBI investigator for all the murders Lecter was responsible for. Season 1’s second half of the show was brilliant and evil and conniving, and it broke our hearts.

But season 2 sees a different side of Graham, and he’s going to work his way into setting himself free and proving to everyone else that Lecter is the man they’re looking for, which would the beginning of “Red Dragon”.

2. Food, glorious food.

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Arguably, besides the storyline, the best part of “Hannibal” is the food styling of Dr. Lecter’s masterpiece dishes.

Hannibal Food Gallery 05 16x9 1

Even with knowing that everything he made has human meat in it, and his character even serving the dishes to other people who unknowingly chewed on human as well, we still couldn’t help but to gaze at the beauty of the food. It will also make you question yourself from time to time.

loin cumberland

Jose Andres, a Spanish American chef, had been hired to be the ‘culinary cannibal consultant’ for the show, to advise the crew on proper procedure for preparing human flesh for consumption.

3. Bryan Fuller.

Fuller, with Mads Mikkelsen as the creepy Wendigo and Hugh Dancy.

“Hannibal” creator Bryan Fuller is probably insane, and we all should love him to bits. His passion for “Hannibal”, the show and his adoration for his fans are admirable and sweet and over the top with his incredible livetweets whenever a new episode is first shown, packed with extra behind the scenes pictures, information and love.

Fuller even appreciates whatever fans have come up with for the show, like wearing flower rings on his head when he’s seen pictures of “Hannibal” characters drawn with them on.

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He’s also created other great shows like “Wonderfalls”, “Dead Like Me” and “Pushing Daisies” with Lee Pace, which were all unfortunately short lived.

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4. It can be creepy, gross and scary.

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The visuals can be hard on the eyes sometimes, especially the brutally beautiful death and crime scenes. From ripping the back skin of people to create wings, to the simple horror of a situation, some images will stick at the back of your mind, and it is promised to get a bit more intense in the second season, and we love it.

5. The cast and characters.

Hannibal Full Cast

From the outstandingly evil portrayal of Hannibal by Mads Mikkelsen, the go-to-guy for romantic comedy male leads Hugh Dancy as troubled FBI investigator Hugh Dancy, to every single one in the show, the characters and the cast portraying them are addictive and lovable, despite the dark and gory story.

We’re also excited for the Season 2 new additions to the cast, including “Sex and the City” star Cynthia Nixon as Office investigator Prurnell and Michael Pitt as Mason Verger. Fuller was also keen to take in David Bowie for a role in the show, so he might show up in future seasons.

Watch the new season of “Hannibal” on AXN Asia, which starts on 1 April this year.

For now, you can watch the trailer below.