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“Wait, Earth Hour was last Saturday?” would have been our response if it wasn’t for a few people or flyers telling us about it on the night itself, which, frankly, didn’t give us enough time to fully prepare to do anything. But we might have still knew of its existence, and we fully support and love whoever has made an effort to contribute for Earth Hour.

But there are some of us who only stood back and appreciated what everyone else has done. The night sky looked beautiful, KLCC tower had green lights, and the stars of Spiderman took over Singapore to participate at the event.

While a few of us didn’t seem to do as much as we would like to during the hour, here are a few honest things we have done instead.

1. Got excited that Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone of “Spiderman 2” participated at Singapore’s Earth Hour event.

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The stars of “Spiderman” were at Singapore, which is a place that is so close yet so far for us in Malaysia. But when we heard that they would be spending Earth Hour so close to us we couldn’t help but to get excited! So we appreciated pictures and videos of them instead.
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Lucky kid!
Even Jamie Foxx joined in!
Watch Andrew, Jamie and Emma talk about Earth Hour and Spiderman being the first Superhero Ambassador for the event!


2. Looking around and wondering why it was darker than usual.

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It was Saturday and you are driving out to spend your Saturday night with friends, as usual, but things seemed to be unusually dark outside and street lights didn’t seem to bother with the lights. But you never really put too much thought into anything like it because things on the road that messed up is normal. It wasn’t too out of the ordinary.

3. You realised a bit too late that it was Earth Hour.

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You meet up with your friends, and they mentioned Earth Hour. “That’s today?” you asked, “Well, that explains a lot.”

4. Appreciate Malaysia’s contributions to Earth Hour.

WWF Malaysia’s 2014 Earth hour banner
Earth hour shutterstock 73986346 WEBONLY
Events and night bazaars’ turn off their lights and used lanterns
malaysia earth hour star
Zoo Negara organized their own event!
KLCC Twin Tower had green lights! The view in person was incredible.

5. Continue with our lives.

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Earth Hour might have changed our perspectives a little. The entire country, as well as the entire world cared enough to contribute at least a little into Earth Hour. So you try to save electricity, and try to do other things to make the world a better place. You even tried eating healthier. The key word is ‘try’. And there will always be Earth Hour next year.