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Whether or not Miley Cyrus’s new tattoo on the inside of her lip is permanent, her choice of ‘tattoo’ is questionable at its best, but it is something she had done that we weren’t too surprised of.

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However, a tattoo of a sad cat emoji on the inside of someone’s lip is still a weird tattoo that we’ve seen on a celebrity, so to celebrate her new art installation, we have also compiled our top 5 other favourite celeb tattoos.

5. Johnny Depp’s “Wino Forever”

Johnny Depp Tattoo

When Johnny Depp had inked himself with former girlfriend and fellow actress’ name Winona, many thought and hoped they would be together forever. Sadly, they didn’t, and his tremendous love gesture would have been lost to waste if it wasn’t for his sense of humour, which changed “Winona Forever” to “Wino Forever”.

Johnny Depps tattoos 005

His tattoo wasn’t what we would call too weird but it is still one of the best tattoo stories from a celebrity we’ve heard to date.

4. Britney Spears’ “Strange”


Apparently, when Britney Spears wanted a tattoo of chinese characters to spell out “Mysterious”, she hadn’t properly checked back for the correct meaning before inking it forever on her skin.

Instead, she now has a tattoo spelling out “Strange”, and still embraces it.

3. Dennis Rodman’s “Angel Chick with a D*ck”

dennis rodman tattoo

The infamously attention seeking former basketball player Dennis Rodman has a wide range of strange tattoos. But the strangest one has got to be the one gigantic one on his back, which looks to be of a naked woman with wings and a bong, or a male private part. Or both.

2. Stephen Baldwin’s “Hannah Montana”

1111 miley baldwin retna

With a dare that went a bit too far, actor Stephen Baldwin got inked up when Miley Cyrus told him he could cameo on “Hannah Montana” if he tattoo’s the initials of the show on himself. He revealed the ink to her, but he had never appeared in the show.

Baldwin has since regretted getting the tattoo.

1. Gucci Mane’s “Ice Cream”

gucci mane face tat

Face tattoos have never been too popular. The only celebrities who have gotten it done are rappers and sportsmen. But rapper Gucci Mane has designed himself a face tattoo so severely weird and unique it can be confusing and worrying.

Gucci Mane’s face tattoo of a triple ice cream cone with red lightning bolts coming out of it and the word “Brrr” written on the cone is already a whirlwind adventure if you read it, but seeing it on a face of a real human being is an entire experience on its own.