A replica of the new Malaysian MRT is now available to be visited for the first time at KL Sentral station. The public can visit the mock up car to learn more about the new transport system.

Here are a few pictures of the MRT replica, for a closer look at its details.

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The replica of the MRT, or Mass Rapid Transit, is a replica of half a car of a four-car train that can carry 1,200 passengers at one time, with 300 passengers in each car.

“In total, there are 174 passenger seats in each train with 45 seats in each end cars and 42 seats in the middle cars. It is a driverless train, with a maximum speed of 100km per hour, and an average speed of about 40km per hour. a total of 58 trains will be used for the line, allowing a frequency of one train every 3.5 minutes during peak hours,” says MRT Corp strategic communication and public relations director Amir Mahmood Razak.

Among other features of the train include six LCD displays in the trains and eight route map displays located above each doorway in each car which provide current location, station names, train travelling direction and location of door openings.

There is also an info graphic on the new MRT in Malay, for more information on the transit system.


In the graphic, is it said that the project will be up and running by December of 2016, with 31 new stations and is 51 kilometers long.

Some of the major stations will include Sungai Buloh, One Utama, Pasar Seni, Bukit Bintang,Maluri, Plaza Phoenix and Kajang. There will be a train every 3.5 minutes, with one train fitting up to 1200 passangers and will aim to give this public service for 1.2 million people.

400,000 passengers will be using the system per day, and it will only take 30 minutes to get to Bukit Bintang from Kota Damansara.


Amir Mahmood Razak also said that the trains are also disabled-friendly, with six specific areas in each train including hand-rails with sufficient space to allow the wheelchair-bound to be seated in their rides.

The doors will emit a beeping sound and light to guide disabled passengers when the train doors are closing and opening.

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A map of the future route.

“As for the safety features, each car will have four closed-circuit television cameras to monitor the passengers inside the train, and two rear cameras with the view of platform,” he continues.

The public can check out the mock train at the KLIA Express Arrival Hall in KL Sentral from 9am to 9pm daily, until May 18.