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Youtube has since become one of the biggest viewing platforms in the entire world, so it makes sense when companies try to utilise it by showing some ads of their own.

But with so many videos and so many ads, it’s hard to for anyone to appreciate commercials that don’t capture our interests.

So with that in mind, more companies option for memorable, joyful and sometimes tearjerking advertisements to capture our hearts as well as our attention.

So far in 2014, there has been a lot of Youtube ads in Malaysia that has done just that, and we’re counting our top ten most popular Malaysian commercials so far this year.

10. Morning Moments – Nescafe


Coffee might be bitter, but there’s nothing of that taste at all in this sweet commercial about our everyday Malaysian heroes who work at ungodly hours. The chat with each of the men were touching, and even more so that they were real people, with real stories. Nescafe giving out free coffee in just as the clock struck 12 for New Years was especially sweet and heartwarming, it even made each viewer appreciate the people featured, as well as coffee, even more.

9. “What to eat?” – Kakao Talk

Channeling our typical Malaysian habit of asking friends or family the age old question “What should we eat for dinner?”, Kakao Talk created a situation where that question goes to play with a group of friends talking together in the same phone conversation, and a visual feat of an over-heightened version of the chefs of the food they were discussing. It might leave you asking yourself, “What the hell did I just watch?” but it was still clever related to how important it is for Malaysians to talk about food.

8. CNY Greeting – RHB Group

In this Chinese New Year themed ad for RHB Group, the video mixes good old tradition with family friendly charm. An old man does traditional Chinese calligraphy on a scroll, and his grandchild looks in awe and decides to do one of his own. Just as the man finishes his, the little boy pops up and shows him his own creation, and it gives them both joy and laughter.

The scroll that the grandfather makes is an ancient proverb used to describe a vigorous spirit of a dragon or a horse. When someone says this phrase, they hope that you will have a positive, energetic New Year & that everything is going well for you.

The scroll the kid makes means “Galloping to great success”. It translates to achieving one’s dream or goal. When someone uses this phrase in New Year greeting, they wish you to achieve your goal/success in the coming year ahead.

7. Golden Fortune – Pizza Hut

In this adorable kid-faced feature, Pizza Hut’s Chinese New Year-themed pizza commercial asks cute little children what they think ‘fortune’ means to them, and we were given various answers from ‘big houses’ to “umm…”.

6. “This is what KIA wants” – KIA


The gold in this commercial doesn’t start until the middle of the video, but trust us, this is absolutely hilarious! Comedian and actor Douglas Lim was “tapped to direct” a series of KIA commercials, and with his messed up humour, it is only valid that he would make the decisions he made, to tap into family-related jealous, anger and sadness in each of the actors.

5. How to avoid this mistake – Nissan

This relatable situation of not remembering what to call your many aunts and uncles during family reunions like Chinese New Year is portrayed here in this commercial. The commercial also shows you how to avoid this situation ever again… to buy a Nissan! How simple and convenient!

4. #ongmali – Tesco


Hooking up ties with the popular film “Ah Beng: Mission Impossible”, and helping them promote the film along the way, they got the popular characters to run around Tesco to race and find the best savings. Commericials of products and shops tying their promotions with films aren’t a new thing, but it still does catch the attention of a lot of viewers on the internet.

3. Win the day challenge – 100 Plus

Ads that include a machine that makes people do weird things in public and then giving them a reward for free has always been more or less viral on the internet. People like to watch other people dance or embarrass themselves in public, and 100 Plus has decided to give it a try as well. People login with their Facebook account, and then use their arms and bodies to swerve a 3D can of 100 Plus on screen like a race car game. Their reward is a can of 100 Plus.

2. The most unexpected Ang Pow – Cadbury

Ah nuts, this commercial will drown so many eyeballs. Great commercials can be funny and sweet, but something about families and strong ties are more likely to make you cry and love this 5 minute commercial. A girl who studied and now works in Australia gets the opportunity to come back home to Malaysia, to see her parents again, thanks to the help of Cadbury. Although it has nothing to do with the chocolate, the company still did a pretty good thing.

1. Young Hearts – Petronas

Malaysians really do love to cry, based on their top two most popular ad favourites this year. Petronas has a long line of great heartwarming commercials that touched our souls and dried out our tear ducts, and although this wasn’t at all sad, Young Hearts captured the love of an old couple, who still loved like youngsters and it is the cutest thing you’ll ever see that also happens to be advertising an oil and gas company.