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Following the tragedy of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 from Kuala Lumpur bound for Beijing, local and international celebrities flock to Twitter to react upon hearing the unbearable news.

The celebrities followed suit to tweet amongst the thousands of others who have shared their thoughts on Twitter, with the now trending hashtags #MH370 and #Pray ForMH370.

Our homegrown international talent Yuna has been tweeting a lot about the event after waking up to the bad news on 8 March.

Popular actress Nora Danish reacted candidly to the news.

Dafi has also took to Twitter, but he also released his frustrations about some of the people’s ‘lact of respect’.

Singer Shila Amzah not only shared her condolences on Twitter, but she had created a pretty drawing as a tribute to the victims and posted it via Instagram.

Shila’s Instagram tribute.

Malaysian international musician Zee Avi appreciates her family upon hearing the news.

Besides the Malaysians, the responses on Twitter were also filled by many international celebrities who were as shocked to receive the tragic news.

Mary J. Blige included.

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But there were some distasteful tweets, including one from Jason Biggs of “American Pie”. The actor references the plane during his tweet about reality show “The Bachelor”.

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Needless to say, the tweet received very mixed reviews.

The tweet has since been deleted.