Following the worldwide trend of creating videos to Pharrell’s joyful Academy Award nominated song “Happy”, Kuala Lumpur’s very own video, directed by Amir Othman, Praveen Kumar and Sim Shoong Kun of Lowyat.net’s Youtube channel, received attention nationwide and has become a viral sensation with more than 100,000 views!

Taking their inspiration from the original “Happy” video, which was shot in Los Angeles, many other countries started joining in. The countries that posted their own cities’ videos include Tokyo, Singapore, Amsterdam, Sydney, Berlin and many others.

One of the directors for KL’s video Praveen Kumar mentioned watching the Romanian version before getting the idea to create their own.


The viral music video also attracted many notable guests to make a cameo appearance or two in the final product, including actress Sharifah Amani and band Kyoto Protocol, along with Iedil Putra Alauddin and DJ Stella Nutella.

Check out the video below: